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MCPD Patch 2016 to the

Morehead City Police Department


Morehead City Police Department is active on Facebook with current happenings, monthly reports & public updates!

Log onto your Facebook and search for ‘Morehead Police’, or just  CLICK HERE

Did you know?

While the Morehead City Police Department “pulls” a lot of drivers in an effort to control traffic, we average writing ONLY 1 actual ticket out of every 10 drivers we pull over!!!

Do you have a golf cart?

Click Here for:
Golf Cart City Ordinance

Golf Cart Application

Golf Cart Inspection Form

Questions? Call:
(252) 726-3131 & Press 0


Questions? Additions? Let us know what you’d like to see! Send us an email,



Our Vision

The vision of the Morehead City Police Department is to sustain a solid partnership with the community, to be proactive with the community instead of waiting to respond to calls for service, to provide the community with easy access to the people that service their community and provide them with real solutions.

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Message from Chief Bernette Morris

The Morehead City Police Department is a full-service, proactive agency. The Morehead City Police Department’s philosophy is community policing.  Our goal is to continue to provide a high level of customer service in an effort to increase our connection with the community. This requires a department-wide commitment to improving the quality of life, in partnership with our community, through fair and professional police services. The Morehead City Police Department is committed to treating all people with dignity, fairness and respect. Along with protecting their rights and providing equal protection under the law.

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After School Program


Take advantage of assistance with reading, schoolwork, homework, or study time!

Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.  MCPD 300 N 12th St.

Safe learning in a classroom setting. Chromebooks available for student use. Snacks provided.

All K-12 students are welcome!

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