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MCPD | Employment

For a list of current openings for the Town of Morehead City:


After completing this form you may scan and send it by e-mail,  or you can

mail or deliver  printed application (you may include cover letter and/or resume) to:

Morehead City Police Department
300 N 12th St
Morehead City, NC 28557

Call for more information:   (252) 726-3131 Ext 119

NCJA Law Enforcement Recruitment Video

Thank you for considering a career opportunity with the Morehead City Police Department. The process of becoming a city police officer begins with your completion of the attached application. After you have turned in the application, you will be contacted by a member of our Department for a preliminary interview. You may then be invited to participate in an agency selection process.  This may take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the position openings we may have. 

ALL YOU NEED IS AN APPLICATION TO GET STARTED! (Resume, Cover Letter, and supporting documentation are welcome!)  Next steps to the process include:

  • Step 1 | You will be contacted to discuss your career in law enforcement.
  • Step 2 | If you are qualified, you will be contacted and invited to participate in a selection process. 
  • Step 3 | If you choose to participate in the selection process, you will complete these tasks on the day of the process: Packet Forms Collection – you will be asked to submit supporting documentation such as: Authority to Release Information; F3 Personal History Statement; Copy of NC Driver’s License; Copy of Social Security Card; Copy of Birth Certificate; Copy of High School Diploma or Equivalent; Copy of NC BLET Certification; DD214 if applicable.
  • Oral Review Board – you will be asked to appear before a panel of law enforcement officers and answer a variety of questions that relate only to the type of duties you would be expected to perform as an entry level police officer. The oral review board also gives us the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your potential employer and work environment;
  • Writing Test- this test will measure your reading, comprehension, and writing skills. You will be asked to read a real life scenario and on the basis of that scenario, prepare a North Carolina Incident Report;
  • Physical Fitness Assessment- you will be asked to participate in a PT test (a list of the events is available upon your request). This will help us to assess the probability of your success in meeting the physical challenges of law enforcement;

It is the policy of this department to select the most qualified applicants to compete in the final selection process to become a Morehead City Police Officer. Depending on the number of positions available and the number of qualified candidates applying, it is possible that you may not be selected for further processing. Should you not be selected, we would ask that you continue to consider law enforcement as a career goal. Your application file will be maintained as a confidential record here at the Police Department. Unless you are otherwise informed, we would encourage to you apply again for future openings. For those individuals who are chosen to continue in the employment process, you may also be requested to complete the following:

  • Step 4 | Interview with the Chief of Police, or designee.
  • Step 5 | A complete and thorough background investigation. A trained investigator will verify all of the information in your application. You should be aware that sensitive or confidential aspects of your personal life may be explored; Fingerprints and Photograph may be collected.
  • Step 6 | F1 & F2 Medical Reports.
  • Step 7 | Upon completion of the background investigation, you may be asked to submit to a professional psychological evaluation and a urinalysis test at the Department’s expense;
  • Step 8 | If offered employment, you will complete firearms qualification with the agency.

This part of the  process may take from thirty (30) to forty five (45) days, or longer depending on open positions and administrative processing, but could also be shorted depending on available resources.

Thank You Again for your Interest in Morehead City Police Department!!

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.